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Month: April 2017

IDG Contributor Network: A CMO’s guide to staying secure on a business trip

Executives spend a lot of time on the road (or in the air). And while the speed and convenience of business travel has greatly improved over the years, the challenges associated with information security are only increasing. Your ability to protect your data and devices while traveling matters more than you’ll ever know.

Are you doing enough to protect yourself and your company?

How to stay secure on your next trip

As various cyber attacks have been publicized in the media over the past few years, the emphasis on the need for better security has increased. By 2020, global companies are expected to spend more than $101 billion on cybersecurity software, hardware and related services. That’s an anticipated 38 percent jump from the $73.7 billion that was spent in 2016.

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IDG Contributor Network: Why software implementations are usually late and over budget

Whether it is in the cloud or the data center, so often enterprise software takes much longer to implement than expected. There are three main reasons for this.

1. Unknown requirements

New requirements are discovered during implementation that should have been found during the analysis. When these new requirements are found, the organization must decide what to do with them. If they are weighted as important or higher, the consultants must determine how to implement them: by configuration, writing code, business process re-engineering, or adding new modules or third party products. All of this takes time, and when too many new requirements are found implementation schedules slip.

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HP to ship its Omen X VR backpack PC in June

HP will make a major virtual reality push in June, when it will start shipping its Omen X VR backpack PC.

The backpack PC has already been announced, but the company until now had not provided a shipping date. HP is accepting applications from gamers and commercial developers to test the product.

There will be two types of Omen X backpack PCs, Ron Coughlin, president of the Personal Systems Business at HP, said in an interview. HP will release a VR backpack for gamers, and one for commercial customers, he said.

Users will be able to carry the PC like a backpack and hook up a VR headset like HTC’s Vive. Wearing the backpack PC allows users to move around freely.

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Giant FCC spectrum auction raises $19.8 billion, sets up 5G services

A U.S. Federal Communications auction of repurposed television spectrum has raised US$19.8 billion and will pave the way for mobile carriers to offer faster and more reliable service across the country.

The 70MHz in new spectrum available will allow carriers to provide fast 5G service in coming years, FCC officials have said. It was the world’s first two-sided auction allowing TV stations to indirectly sell spectrum to mobile carriers and other users of wireless spectrum.

The auction should speed up networks that have slowed as U.S. residents move to “data-hungry smartphones,” the FCC said in a press release. About 70 percent of U.S. residents now have smartphones, the agency said.

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Microsoft again ballyhoos Edge as battery tightwad

Microsoft this week again claimed that its Edge browser uses much less power than rivals, a key part of the company’s efforts to salvage the struggling Edge on Windows 10.

“Microsoft Edge on the Creators Update uses 31% less power than Google Chrome 57, and 44% less power than Mozilla Firefox 52,” Kyle Pflug, a senior program manager on the Edge team, contended in a post to a company blog Tuesday.

Creators Update, or 1703 in Microsoft’s yymm nomenclature, and the latest feature upgrade to Windows 10, began reaching customers on April 11. At the same time, Microsoft upgraded Edge’s rendering engine, “EdgeHTML,” to version 15; it was the fourth rendition of the engine since Windows 10’s mid-2015 launch.

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Slack makes it easier to say you’re out to lunch

Slack is making it easier for coworkers to see what other people in their organization are up to, thanks to a new status-message feature unveiled Thursday.

The functionality, which is rolling out to the messaging service’s customers over the next few days, lets users set a message in their profile that informs others about their activities.

Statuses will show up next to users’ names inside Slack’s chat window, in their profiles, and next to their names in the Quick Switcher, which lets users easily switch between different chat channels and direct messages.

slack custom statusSlack

An illustration shows how Slack’s custom status feature looks inside the service’s desktop chat app.

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